The main venue of PDC2020 is a mix of online platforms made available by our host the Festival Internacional de la Imagen, Universidad de Caldas, Renata (Red Nacional Académica de Tecnología Avanzada de Colombia) and Mozilla Hubs cloud. This configuration aims to take advantage of asynchronous and synchronous activities.

Attendees and presenters join all the sessions by logging in to the website of the Festival Internacional de la Imagen! The program follows Colombian time (- 5uct)

Interactive map of venues and associated conference formats

Overview of the activities of PDC and FII19 that happen in the 3D platform (Hubs)

If we would have been in Manizales this was the plan:

Doctoral Colloquium and Workshops (15-16.6)  at the Bellas Artes Campus  that hosts the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the Universidad de Caldas. 

Plenary morning sessions (17-19.6) at the Teatro Fundadores in the center of the city (Carrera 22 with Calle 33).

Parallel sessions in the afternoons (17-19.6)  at the Bellas Artes Campus and in the Rogelio Salmona Cultural Center.

Situated actions/ Exhibitions at the Rogelio Salmona Cultural Center.