PDC What’s Next?

PDC Whats Next?

Friday 19th of June 11:30-12:30 (-5 UCT)

Open to everyone who wants to discuss the past, present and future of the conference. We will look at how we did and what we could do better next. Program chairs and General chair will share basic facts of the process. The PDC Advisory board will also make few anouncements.

Together we will exchange ideas on what went well and what needs more work for the next versions.

Welcome, with your lunch!

The process will be aided by an online board open during the week of the conference, and the feedback collected through discord and telegram channels. Send your ideas and feedback and join the PD Community.

Chairs: Leonardo Parra / Chiara del Gaudio  / Andrea Botero (PDC2020) & Rachel Smith / Daria Loi (PDC AB)