Online code of conduct

We aim to foster a productive, collaborative and respectful experience for all. This will only be possible if participants work together to create that experience. The actions listed below, in particular, will not be tolerated. We ask all participants to look out for each other and to assist session chairs in creating environments for respectful debate without harmful language or actions. If you experience any of these, and want to speak with someone, please contact (ADD ombudsman email) or generalchairs@pdc2020.org

  • Screen-recording at any point of the conference without the expressed permission from speakers;

  • Spam in chat windows, including reposting the same word/content repeatedly in order to disrupt the conversation;

  • Harassment or bullying, including negative comments about or in relation to race/ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, age, religion, physical appearance, language, citizenship, or other categories through which people have been, or are, marginalized or oppressed;

  • Intimidation or threats, including to the moderators;

  • Misusing screen-sharing capabilities;

  • Sharing images, especially to threaten or sexually harass;

  • Unwelcomed sexual attention;

  • Threatening or other endangerment of minors;

  • Any activity meant to convey or cultivate hostility;

  • Insults against a person, rather than disagreements with an argument they are making, or other attacks;

  • Encouraging the above behaviour.

Please consider calling out any of these behaviors if you not only experience but witness this happening during the conference / events. In Zoom you can send a private message to the host or chair, you can leave a message on Discord. If you prefer to report instances of inappropriate conduct anonymously you can do this by reaching out to (ADD ombudsman email ) or generalchairs@pdc2020.org

The conference and festival organizers retain the right to remove anyone from a session/chat/room and anyone removed for actions listed above will not be permitted to rejoin. We aspire to moderate with care and responsibility, and in the spirit of the conference and festival.

Inclusivity in Participatory Design starts with our conference

Open exchange of ideas, mutual respect and freedom of thought and expression are paramount to  PDC conferences and participatory design processes. PDC community has commited and is working towards building a plural, diverse, accessible, harassment-free, and pleasant conference experience with equity in rights for all. We want every participant to have a voice, feel welcome, included, and safe at the conference.

We will do our best to accommodate specific needs, and while we cannot promise to solve every issue, we will try our best. Please let us know of particular requirements well in advance before your visit.

We expect all interactions between attendees to be respectful and constructive, including interactions during the review process, at the conference itself, and on social media.

Conference participants violating conviviality rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the conference (without a refund) at the discretion of the conference organizers.

NOTE: In this edition, we are running  a new plurilingual track, with submissions in Spanish and Portuguese besides the customary English ones. We expect an open mind and spirit, and a proactive attitude towards this experiment from presenters and attendees.

We would like everyone to learn from each other, to benefit from being exposed to different points of view (languages, habits, etc.), and to contribute and accommodate this experiment. We hope conference participants  engage in this track with a curious mind, and discover and get to know others, and how they understand and apply PD, design research and practice in different contexts. We want everyone to learn from difference, to dive into different languages and to build long lasting connections .

Anyone with comments, suggestions, witnessing or subject to unacceptable behavior should notify the General Chairs generalchairs@pdc2020.org