Contingency Plan (2019-nCoV)

>> UPDATE 30.5.2020

Plans for FULLY online conference continue in full speed. To ease access to the conference we have increased the amount of David Hakken grants for Phd and MA students, included the price of the doctoral colloquium in the conference passport and provided more workshop waiver fees. We have also asked permission from all authors to release their video presentations online for all, after the conference.

PDC2020 and FII19 will using a mix of online platforms aiming for a configuration that can take advantage of asynchronous and synchronous activities. All platforms will be carefully moderated and monitored by the production team and volunteers.

>> Learn about our online venues and our engagement principles!

The PDC2020 task force is preparing, as community effort, a comprehensive manual for engagement and will organize several session to help everybody on board the different platforms.

See you online in June!

>> UPDATE 15.4.2020

PDC organizing commitee and the Festival de la Imagen  continue rolling up plan B for an online-first event this june in Manizales. This basically means we are preparing for an scenario in which all activities of the conference will be online.

This week we are sending emails to all authors with more detail information of the online  interaction possibilities and instructions on how to prepare for the different sessions.

Registration fees have been renegotiated and the early bird fee will be valid until the end. At least one author per contribution should be registered to the conference before the 4th of May (was 25th of April). Please note the registration link is not yet active but it will be soon.

The online-first plans are been advanced by the production team of the Festival de la imagen with support from a PDC task force set for this (see organizing committee for names)

We thank our community for the messages of support and encouragement we have received since we took the decision last month! We hope to continue learning together , celebrating 30 years of PDC conferences, and our first time in South America.

Questions can be addressed to

>> UPDATE 14.3.2020

In light of the recent outbreak and spread of novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), PDC is constantly monitoring recent global developments in the run-up to the conference in Manizales in June.

Considering the latest developments, PDC has made the decision (10.3.2020) to start rolling Plan B for a hybrid conference with some local activities, and many virtual/online connections. All confirmed authors have been already informed. Our ambition is to warrant that participants and those with already accepted contributions have the possibility to share thoughts and their work through the conference proceedings, online webcasting and interactive online sessions with other participants, from where ever they happen to be, including Manizales.

More specifically, PDC organizing committee and the Festival de la Imagen will undertake the following actions:

  • We will established a participatory platform for supporting interaction of everybody that has accepted contributions to the Festival and PDC, with those that can come together locally or not;

  • We will set up a stage/hub in Manizales that can screencast/webcast presentations from people gathering in Manizales, and (most likely) prerecorded video submission of those that can not travel;

  • We will have online sessions (gamestorming) to share experiences, and have dialogue around the contributions and presentations heard;

  • We will have some experimental arrangements and tools for creatively adapting our more interactive formats like situated actions, workshops and conversations.


– Proceedings are well under production and will be disseminated. It is really important that you stick to the deadlines of the different categories.

– Registration will open as planned and the early bird fee and limit for authors to register will continue to be 25th of April;

In the coming weeks we will work to define and share the details of this contingency plan. While we are not canceling PDC2020, we are preparing to have a conference and festival that, in the spirit of participation(s) otherwise, will be different. It will help us all to explore the joys and burdens of more distributed approaches at many levels, in ways that can reduce (financial, health & other) risks for our hosts in Manizales, while providing insights into future sustainable models for academic conferencing practices and knowledge exchange. We are counting with your support to make these plans materialize. We can do it, together, otherwise!

Andrea, Claudia, Felipe (General co-chairs), Paola (Producer), Chiara and Leonardo (Program chairs) and Mariacristina (communications chair)

Questions can be addressed to