>>NEW: Considering the fact that PDC2020 will be an online conference (see plan B) the organizing committee has decided to extend the application period and assign 3 grants instead of the customary one.  The timeline for application has been adjusted accordingly. Apply until 6th of May!

Application Process

Interested students should submit, compiled on a single pdf, the following documents:

  1. A letter of motivation (max 1 page in English) in which the applicant explains their interest in participating in PDC 2020 and the reasons why the scholarship can contribute to their professional development.

  2. A short essay (max. 2 A4 pages in English/Spanish/Portuguese) elaborating, in a critical manner, on the relation of participatory design to the candidate’s own work, research and practice;

  3. Updated CV (in English, max 3 pages including publications -if any- and link to portfolio);

All documents must be submitted as a single PDF and sent via email to, with the subject DAVID HAKKEN APPLICATION, by the 6th of May 2020 24:00 (COL time).

Publication of Results Friday 15th of May


The David Hakken Participatory Design Grant recognizes talented graduate students (Phd or advanced MA) who have demonstrated, through their work, commitment to participatory design practices and/or thought leadership. The grant makes participation in the conference (and in 2020 Festival) possible by waiving the registration fee.

The grant was established in 2016 to celebrate the life and work of David Hakken PD veteran and member of the PD Conference Advisory Board.

Professor Hakken was Director of the Social Informatics Program at The University of Indiana (USA). He was trained as an anthropologist and conducted research on the ways  digital technologies and culture are continually co-constructive. His latest book Beyond Capital: Values, Commons, Computing, and the Search for a Viable Future (Routledge, 2015) traces important themes at the intersection of  anthropology, science and technology studies and participation in design.

The bursary is granted on a biennial basis by the PDC Advisory Board together with the General Chairs and the institution hosting PDC. In 2020 PDC is held at the Universidad de Caldas in conjunction with the Festival de la Imagen.

Criteria for selection:

  • Evidence of Participatory Design practice and/or thought leadership

  • Alignment with prof. Hakken’s main philosophy characterized by a rigorous approach to research, challenging phenomena with a commitment to interdisciplinarity (intertwining social science, humanities, and technology), combining academic interest and a broader interest to be active in the world.



Andrés Felipe Roldán García (Universidad Nacional de Colombia – COL)

Selection committee: Maurizio Telli, Vincenzo d`Andrea, Andrea Botero, Felipe Cesar Londoño, Paola Rodas.

The David Hakken grant 2020 is possible thanks to the support of the Cultural Department of Banco de la República – Colombia (