Welcome to the 16th Participatory Design Conference – Participation(s) Otherwise.

 Celebrating 30 years of PDC!

PDC2020, together with Festival de la Imagen are preparing for fully online events (covid contingency plan). Join us from anywhere in the world. The program for PDC2020 comprises contributions in 3 languages (EN/ES/PT) and from 6 continents. We have 10 Workshops (W),  32 Full Papers (FP), 35 Exploratory papers (EXP), 4 Conversations (C), 8 Beyond Academia cases (BA), 22 Student Projects (SP), 1 Doctoral Colloquium and an online exhibition with 15 Situated Actions (SA). All times will be COL time (GMT -5).

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Since Participatory Design’s (PD) emergence as a research community, PD scholars have asserted that design is a practical, social and political endeavour.

As a research community our main commitments have included: offering alternative technologies, rendering design processes democratic, open and accessible to wide participation, and amenable to critical scrutiny and mutual learning. By proposing the theme of Participation(s) otherwise, we want to invite the PD community to think further on the diverse meanings and ontologies that participation and design can take on. Let’s open up the understanding of “participation” beyond modernist narratives and theoretically “universal” cookie cutter solutions and account for diverse practices.

What forms, conceptions and understandings of participation, collaboration, intervention, design and technology can we draw upon to contest essentialist views on participatory design? Are current conceptions coherent with plural understandings and realities? What haven’t we realized before? From whom else are we / can we be learning?

Welcome to PDC2020!

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