The Participatory Design Conference organizing committee decided on 10.3.20 to roll plans for an online conference in response to global developments. Details of the contingency plan are collected here as they become public. We still want to encourage you to visit Manizales, and Colombia, in the near future. <3

Bike Tour – Kumanday Adventures 

The highest mountains of the Central Cordillera Colombiana are the backdrop for this dramatic decline that begins at 4,050 meters above sea level at the entrance of Los Nevados National Natural Park. Paramo ecosystem, the visual of the Nevado del Ruiz Volcano with fumarole and Gualí River canyon, are the attractions of the first part of the route. A steep between mountains covered with forest gives way to an exciting adventure that ends in the city of Manizales. This tourist plan includes:

  • 1 day with vehicle support

  • 5 hours cycling, medium-high difficulty

  • Maximum height 4.050msnm

  • Breakfast, snack, 4X4 vehicle transport, promotion to Manizales in cablecar, bike, helmet, guide, safe.

  • Optional thermal bath in the Ruiz. 

Tel . 887 2682 
Cel 315 590 7294 

A very special place in Manizales – Caldas, for photography and bird watching, located in the San Peregrino, in a dry forest of 15 ha to 1,225 meters, home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and a wide variety of plants and trees. Know the reasons why you should make your trip Birding at the Hotel Tinamú Birding Nature Reserve in Manizales – Caldas, Colombia.

  • +220 recorded bird species

  • Specialized Bird Photography

  • Aviturismo High Level in the region

  • Guidance in Birding

  • Accommodation in the middle of nature

  • +3 Km. On private trails and Insurance

  • Bird Photography platforms

  • +40 Years Conservation Reserve

  • Strategic location in Caldas

  • Conservation Reinvestment

Cel 311 770 1120 – 314 771 1557 
Web .

White River Reserve Natura is one of the most important nature reserves in the country with more than 350 species of birds, making it a perfect place for watching them and for tours of the nature trails, which include an incredible cloud forest, where you can meet the beautiful flora and fauna representing our region.

Tel. 887 97 70 ext. 72187 
Cel. 311 775 5159 
Web .



La Finca Romelia Orchids & Birds is a family tourism project of José and Marisa, a couple who has devoted over 45 years to the collection and preservation of various orchids in the world, as well as the farm. In Romelia you can live a natural experience in the middle of more than 6,000 kinds of orchids, 215 species of birds, citrus groves and amazing scenery.

This is a cultural and natural experience that opens the minds of travelers to show how agricultural production can go hand in hand with preservation and conservation of biodiversity. This tourism plan includes:

  • Approximate 3 hours guided tour.

  • Hike the nature trails.

  • Tour of the orchid nurseries, bonsai gardens and carnivorous plants, among others.

  • Visit the Main House.

  • Class on orchids and planting them.

  • bilingual (English / Spanish) subject to availability.

  • Refreshment.

  • Optional lunch.

Cel . 301 708 3438 

The Tour de Hacienda Venecia, is a journey through the world of coffee in an authentic coffee farm. Hacienda as the setting for this experience is used, no mounting what the visitor can see, just the normal functioning of the farm in their production.

Walk among coffee plantations and routes with water fountains, where you can see native species, the processing plant ( «beneficiadero») and the kiosk of the main house, where they can appreciate the traditional architecture, visiting which is one of important factors in the declaration of Coffee Cultural Landscape for its beauty, color and authenticity, as a World Heritage Site (UNESCO).

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • English language

  • Language: Spanish (minimum 4 persons per group reservation and confirmation of availability of guide)

* Saturdays, Sundays and holidays; The Coffee Processing Plant (beneficiadero) is closed.

Cel . 320 636 5719
Web .

Travel a hacienda shows the process from planting until obtaining the rate reflecting the coffee culture of the area and the characteristic friendliness of the people.


  • Transport

  • Travel Accident Insurance

  • Guidance

  • Lunch

  • Tour of the Hacienda 

minimum quota of 5 passengers:

150000 COP – 58 USD

1 day with support vehicle 
Low difficulty level 
height 1378 meters

Relax among the hot springs that transport natural environment characteristics.

It includes:

  • Transport

  • Travel Accident Insurance

  • Chaperone

  • Refreshments

  • Entrance 

Minimum quota of 5 passengers 
75000 COP – 29 USD

Visits to places of tourist and cultural attractions of the city.

It includes:

  • Transport

  • Travel Accident Insurance

  • Guide

  • Refreshments

  • Tickets 

minimum number of 5 passengers

90000 COP – 35 USD

It passes through a cold volcanic desert that feel like on another planet. Find out how this active volcano has transformed the landscape of this region. The Nevado del Ruiz is 5,321 meters high and is one of the most active volcanoes in Colombia. Every day your smoke rises into the sky and can be seen from the city of Manizales. During this tour one day you will see how volcanic activity has shaped the topography of the region and see how it has transformed the landscape of Manizales at 2,150 meters to 4,350 meters in the Valley of the Tombs, a cold surrounded desert volcanic sediments. 


  • Transportation round trip

  • Travel Accident Insurance

  • Guidance within the park

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch 

  • Entrance to the park

  • Thermal bath

1 day with support vehicle 
Low level of difficulty 
Maximum height of 4350 meters 
130000 COP – 58 USD

Departure time: between 6:30 and 7:10 a.m. 
Arrival time: between 5:30 and 6:30 pm

Being one of the last glaciers of the Colombian central Andes and know the paramo ecosystem, present only in the tropical Andes enjoy the rural landscape. A day to explore one of the most representative areas of the Nevados Park. The approach is made in campero from Manizales to Villamaría population, where a route taken amounting between rural landscapes, waterfalls and forest fog. The walk starts at 4100msnm amid frailejones (endemic plants moorland) and continuous climb up the slopes of Nevado Santa Isabel, amid mirrors of water and rocks up to 4,600 meters above sea level where the glacier begins. 

It includes:

  • Transport in 4X4 vehicle

  • Guide Entrance to National Parks 

  • Accident insurance

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Snack

170,000 COP – 73 USD 

Departure time: 5:00 am in low season, high season 4:00 am at

Arrival time: Between 6 and 7 pm.

  • Tower of Cyprus
  • Alcázares Arenillo
  • Rio Blanco Reserve (R. Gabriel Arango Foundation)
  • Ecoparque The Yarumos
  • Complex Thought
  • Tierra Viva
  • Aqua Park Mountain
  • Popular Bosque El Prado
  • Parque Ernesto Gutiérrez 
  • PNN Manizales (Nevado del Ruiz)
  • Women Park (Parque de Los Enamorados)

In this boulevard, you can see the most spectacular sunsets, where you can enjoy a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, and various recreational and cultural activities such as tour at the Monument to the Colonists, Panoramic Tower, Water Park Square Sister Cities and monumental Plaza de Toros.

Manizales to group a large number of young people from different cultures and regions of the country, its climate, its wide sidewalks, sculptures, restaurants and bars is the perfect rumba stage, so has a number of places with height and style fun. In the pink zone of the capital Caldense all calls at night so that the streets are flooded with people looking cheerful conducive to entertaining. Cable area offers a variety of cafés and bars while enjoying a rich liquor.

Milan a traditional neighborhood located east of the city, where international food sites abound, taverns and nightclubs which indicates definitely the rumba and recreation already started. It also has mega-clubs that invite dancing, singing and passion that is characteristic of all Colombians. So the anger of the night and we spread rumba and strangers we look forward to next weekend, to infect the warmth and joy of the people Manizales.

It is located on the emblematic Calle del Tango de Manizales, Cll 24 between races 22 and 23, open from Wednesdays from 8:00 pm to places to listen and dance to the best of Argentina music, Cuban son, bolero and some tropical music. Wednesday there tango lessons and Thursdays in the middle of the month feature or related to the Argentine tango films.