Participatory design research resources available after PDC2020

Participatory design research resources available after PDC2020

This posts collects parts of the yield of this year conference. Here you can find links to proceedings, archive material and reports that have been gathered during and after the conference.

Conference Proceedings:

PDC2020 Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available from the ACM Digital library here: Download the English Full papers, exploratory papers and workshop descriptions (openly available until the end of June 2020)

PDC2020 Vol 3 can be downloaded open access here (Spanish and Portuguese Full papers, Situated actions & exhibitions, Beyond academia cases, Student projects + other contributions to the FII19)

PDC2020 Posters of the student project exhibition can be downloaded open access here

Conference experimental 3D rooms:

PDC2020 made a series of experimental online performances called situated actions, some of them used virtual 3D rooms and exhibitions in Hubs. You can visit the situated action rooms from the following listing

PDC2020 student projects were displayed in 4 thematic online exhibition spaces in Hubs. The student PD project exhibitions are available here.

Conference video presentations:

Presenters were asked to pre-record 8 min video presentations of their PD research articles and PD case studies. Also Keynotes by Arturo Escobar and Gladys Tzul Tzul are available to all. Videos are available open access in the video repository of the Festival de la Imagen here

Conversation C4 was recorded by the folks at Desis philosophy talks, featuring: Marisol de la Cadena, Mario Blaser, Arturo Escobar y Alfredo Gutiérrez. The video here:

Conference reports and manuals (accountability to the PD community)

The oficial conference report was shared by the core organizing team (Andrea, Chiara, Leonardo) at the «What’s Next?» town hall meeting session. The report gives an overview of the submissions, review process and main lessons learnt during PDC2020. The PDC 2020 (PDF) report can be downloaded here

PDC online task force produced also 2 manuals for presenters and attendees documenting most aspects of the conference, we are sharing them here in the hopes thay that can be of use to other conference organizers, including PDC2022: PDC 2020 – (PDF) Handbook for Meaningful and Engaged Conversations and PDC 2020 – (PDF) Handbook for Student Volunteers

Part of the Brazilian delegation and chairs organized a live online reflection session after the conference. Video of the event is available here.

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