Advisory board announcement #3

Advisory board announcement #3

New PDC Advisory Board Members

We are delighted to announce two new Chairs of the Advisory Board, Chair Rachel C. Smith and Co-Chair Dario Loi, who have been engaged in the AB since 2015/16. We want to extend a deep thanks to Jesper Simonsen for his immense work as Chair for the Advisory Board from 2014-2019. He has been a central figure in establishing and building up the organisation around the PDC series and proceedings and will stay in the AB until the end of the year. We also want to thank Chris Frauenberg for his engagement and contributions as a Junior AB member (2017-2020), and for staying until the conference, to get ends to meet.

New AB chairs:

Chair, Rachel C. Smith, Aarhus University – DEN – (AB member 2016-2023) 

Co-Chair, Daria Loi – Mozilla Corp. – US  – (AB member 2015-2021) 

Huge thanks to:

Chair, Jesper Simonsen, Roskilde University – DEN – (AB member 2014-2020) 

Junior Member – Chris Fraunberger, TU Vienna (AB member 2017-2020)


The AB proposes a new Co-Chair role

The board elects a Co-Chair from the AB, who will help manage the ongoing work of the AB. The Co-Chair is elected for up to 3 years, not extending the period of his/her elected AB period.

New AB Selection Criteria moving ahead 

  • Professional Diversity — the skill set that the candidate would bring to the AB in relation to what skillsets are already part of the AB
  • Professional Context — the main context in which the candidate typically applies PD (e.g. academia vs industry vs non-for-profit) in relation to what skillsets are already part of the AB
  • Experience with PDC — evidence of dedication to PDC goals, as measured by the number of PDC that the candidate participated in and, at parity of that, number of times the candidate participated in a PDC role
  • Social Diversity — how diverse the candidate is in relation to gender, and race/ethnicity, age and physical abilities in relation to in relation to current composition of the AB
  • Geographic Location – the country/region/continent in which the candidate operates in, especially in relation to what skillsets are already part of the AB

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