Advisory board announcement #2

Advisory board announcement #2

Five new members of the PDC Advisory Board

We are delighted to announce the acceptance of five new members for the PDC Advisory Board. From today these members will be part of the ongoing work of the PDC AB, building on the strong experiences and long-term engagements that they have with the community already.

The new members are:

From the PDC2020 organizing committee:

Andrea Botero, General Chair of PDC2020, Academy Research Fellow, Aalto University – FIN / Universidad de los Andes – COL.

Chiara Del Gaudio, Program Chair of PDC2020, Assistant Professor, Carleton University – CAN.

Leonardo Parra-Agudelo, Program Chair of PDC2020, Assistant Professor, Universidad de los Andes – COL.

Junior member: Mariacristina Sciannamblo, Research Fellow, Sapienza University of Rome – IT / Research Consultant at AMARC Europe (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters) – BE

Senior member: Marianne Kinnula, Associate Professor, University of Oulu – FIN.


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