Advisory Board Announcement #1

Advisory Board Announcement #1

PROPOSAL: Annual Participatory Design Winter School

By Claus Bossen, Aarhus University; Jesper Simonsen, Roskilde University; Rachel C. Smith, Aarhus University; Maurizio Teli, Aalborg University,

Initiative: An annual winter school introducing to and presenting state of the art knowledge upon Participatory Design (PD) under the auspices of the Advisory Board of PD Conferences

Aim: To provide an annual venue for early careers scholars in which PD is presented and discussed to overcome the two year gap between the PD conferences. Thus, to further knowledge about PD amongst PhDs, post docs and other early career scholars.

Duration, Venue and dates: The PD Winter School may last between 3-5 days dependent on the program planning by the Organising Committee appointed by the Advisory Board of PDC (See below). The venue may change from year to year to enable participation from various countries and continents. It should take place in January/February in order not to coincide with the PD Conferences held around summer months, nor with the EUSSET Summer School in late August.

Credits and Certificates:

For PD Winter School will aim for a work load of 5 ECTS, and upon completion of the course (including having assignments before, during and/or after the course approved) participants receive a course certificate (e.g. from the Chair Person’s university if possible).

Program: The program including themes of focus and invited lecturers is decided by the year’s Organising Committee though a stability of some themes should be sought for. It is the organizing committee’s task to set themes and invite lecturers.

Examples of themes could be: Origins and history of PD; PD as distinct from and similar to co-design, user-centered design, etc; Ethnography and PD; Participatory methods of conducting PD; Cases of PD application; Evaluation of PD; Practitioner experiences with PD; PD and AI; Where is PD today?

Additionally, the course should offer participants opportunity to present their own research projects in relation to PD.

Organisation: The PD Winter School is organized by an Organising Committee comprised by three persons. The chair person is appointed by the Advisory Board of the Participatory Design Conference after application for a 2 year period (or 3?) to ensure continuity. The other two members are likewise appointed by the appointed the Advisory Board of the Participatory Design Conference upon recommendation of the chairperson having called for and reviewed applications.

To ensure both continuity as well as change, the following procedures the Organising Committee could be adopted.

Call for chairperson: Goes out at the latest one month after completion of the Winter School for that year, with an application deadline at least a month later. The chair person can sit for a maximum of three years after which a new person will have to fill the position. The chair person can only reapply after again after three years.

Call for members of the Organising Committee: Goes out at the latest 9 months before the Winter School is held, and is appointed at the latest 7 months before the Winter School. Members of the Organising Committee may continue for several periods, but no more than two years after which a break of at least 2 years will set in.

To get the PD Winter School started and of the ground, we not-so-humbly suggest ourselves as the organizing committee for the first two years (Winter School Jan/Feb 2021 and 2022). Thereafter, the Organising Committee will go into the dynamic change of persons outlined above in order to involve a broad number of people over the years.


The Organising Committee may apply for funding and accept funding from others as it sees fit. This should be investigated.

However, otherwise the Winter School is for a start self-financing: Lecturers pay travel and lodging themselves and receive no honorarium for their presentations and teaching; Participants pay their own lodging and travel, and additionally pay a course fee to cover common meals, rental for teaching facilities (if applicable), administration (if applicable), etc.


First Winter School to be held February 2021 organised by Claus Bossen, Jesper Simonsen, Rachel C. Smith and Maurizio Teli. Might also organize the 2nd Winter School to build on first experiences. Thereafter, a process of dynamically changing the organizing team will subsequently be initiated.

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