16th Participatory Design Conference PDC2020 – Participation(s) otherwise

Manizales, Colombia June 15-19 2020. Universidad de Caldas

Welcome to the 16th Biennial Participatory Design Conference (PDC) in Manizales, Colombia. This is the first time PDC will be held online and in South America, hosted by Universidad de Caldas in conjunction with their Festival Internacional de la Imagen 2020

>>14.3.: Read about PDC2020 contingency plan regarding current pandemic situation

>>2.5.: Registration opened and preliminary program available

>> 1.6 : Learn about our online venues and engagement principles!

>15.6 NEW: Wellcome! To log in visit http://festivaldelaimagen.com/en/programa2020/

Participation(s) otherwise: What forms, conceptions and understandings of participation, collaboration, intervention, design and technology can we draw upon to contest essentialist views on participatory design? Are current conceptions coherent with plural understandings and realities? What haven’t we realized before? From whom else are we / can we be learning?  Read more about the theme…